Sustainable action - for our earth

Sustainable action - for our earth

Because there is only one earth - working with you to maintain a responsible approach

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As a company, we not only see our responsibility as being towards our customers and end consumers, but also towards the environment. We place particular emphasis on sustainability. Continuous development of our products and manufacturing processes is very important to us. We promote the responsible use of resources and implement energy-saving measures across all areas of Emil Kiessling GmbH.

Energy management system

Through our DIN EN ISO 50001:2018-certified energy management system, we continuously and systematically optimise our energy consumption and improve our energy efficiency. With our own energy policy, we acknowledge our responsibility in environmental and climate protection.

Energy efficiency plays a decisive role in the procurement of new appliances and equipment. When it comes to the use of energy services, the main focus is on the CO2 factor of the energy carrier and the share of renewable energies.

The following measures have already been successfully implemented to reduce energy use and act in a more environmentally friendly way:

  • In-house physical, chemical and biological wastewater treatment plant
  • Use of the latest technologies such as
    • Refrigeration generated by our in-house, energy-efficient refrigeration system.
    • Frequency converter for motors
    • Ventilation system with heat recovery
  • Ongoing conversion to LED lighting
  • Use of 100% green electricity from exclusively renewable energies

Waste management

This strategy continues right through to disposal, as the Emil Kiessling motto below states: "Recycling before disposal!" Emil Kiessling recycles its sewage sludge, from which, for example, building materials are recovered. Raw material containers made of metal and plastic as well as packaging materials are returned to the recycling process, and other approaches already form a comprehensive system for protecting our environment.

In the middle of 2019, we were able to win a new recycling service provider for a cooperation, which recycles the backing material of our labels. The substrate is used for the production of building materials. Our goal here is to reduce thermal use and increase recycling.


Research & development

We are continuously working to advance our formulas in terms of sustainability. Topics such as microplastics, silicones, the degradability of UV filters and the biodegradability of the entire formulation are the order of the day. Our development team makes a major contribution to the further development of our formulas in line with market requirements and the environment.


Raw materials

We also attach great importance to responsible, sustainable action in the processing of our raw materials. To this end, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our demands for quality and sustainability are met.

Emil Kiessling GmbH has been a full member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 8 January 2015 with the aim of supporting the RSPO and successively using certified palm (kernel) oil and its fractions and derivatives in our products. For more information, please visit:

Check out our progress at


Packaging materials

The use of environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials is one of our principles. We're always on the lookout for new possibilities for optimisation in order to protect the environment and to preserve resources.

We work closely with our suppliers to continuously improve material reduction, recyclability and environmentally friendly production methods. The use of reduced wall thicknesses or recycled plastics, the use of mono-materials, a reduction in material thicknesses for labels, as well as the use of corrugated board instead of solid board are measures that we are already taking.

We are also working closely with our suppliers to test further innovative packaging materials and, if necessary, add them to our portfolio.



Wherever possible, we strive to work with regional partners in order to reduce transport distances to a minimum for the sake of the environment.