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More about quality

The effectiveness and application of our QM system is checked by determining customer satisfaction, by analysing and evaluating the processes for product realisation and on the basis of internal and external audits. The information gained from this provides the basis for continuous improvement of the quality management system. For example, Emil Kiessling GmbH is certified by an independent testing institute to manufacture and distribute cosmetic products in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Likewise, compliance with the well-known high requirements of the BRC CP in accordance with the "Global Standard for Consumer Products" is confirmed by an approved institute with top marks.

We manufacture all our products in accordance with the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (Cosmetic GMP) guidelines. This covers personnel, premises/manufacturing plant, equipment/machinery and facilities, raw and packaging materials, manufacturing, end products/finished products, quality control laboratory, off-specification product handling, waste, industrial hygiene, subcontracting/services and contract manufacturing, deviations, complaints and recall, change control, internal audit and documentation.

With the certification according to IFS-HPC (International Featured Standard - Household and Personal Care Products), Emil Kiessling GmbH once again demonstrates its compliance with the highest possible product quality and product safety. DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 certification means we can continuously achieve significant energy savings.

Risk management

A risk management system developed within the company identifies, analyses and evaluates all risks that are relevant for the safety of the products and thus for the protection of the consumer. The definition of control points, as well as the monitoring of the data collected there, is actively implemented and documented by the responsible employees.