Pet care in cosmetic quality

Pet care in
cosmetic quality

Pet care with cosmetic quality

Animals also have special needs when it comes to care. We offer you a wide range of products that are specially adapted to the needs of your four-legged friends. Criteria such as the specific pH value, the fine sense of smell, different coat textures and particularly mild surfactants are the focus here. The special feature of our products is the exclusive use of raw materials that are also approved for use in human cosmetics. The products go through the same strict specifications as our cosmetic products. We offer pet care products of the highest quality and safety for your pet.


Our range includes the following pet care products:

  • Various shampoos for the needs of different coats
  • Conditioners
  • Care sprays
  • Paw care
  • Sun protection

We are also happy to develop your pet care range for your successful private label brand, or offer you our own head2tail brand as a useful addition to your range.